As the Romanian gaming and electronic sport scenes are in a perpetual evolution, and because we consider this phenomena must be maintained, we did and will further get involved in a direct and active manner.

Sponsorship categories

Product: we deeply believe that in order to perform one needs the proper equipment. As such, we can provide to sponsored teams a full set of gaming gear for each player (mouse, keyboard, headset and mousepad). Exact brand, models and quantities will be based on each individual sponsorship deal.

Travel assistance: we know for a fact how expensive is to travel to events, and how important is to attend to as many tournaments as possible. In some circumstances we can offer travel assistance to pre-scheduled events, that can fully (or partially) cover transportation and (or) accommodation costs.

Financial: we perfectly understand the level of involvement required to run and maintain a successful team. We want to see our teams perform and we can offer cash sponsorship. Please be aware that this type of sponsorship is very rare, and only possible after a conclusive trial period.


Stability: management and team

Brand support: willingness to take part in various events – gaming, marketing activities etc. – including the ones held by our company.

Content contribution: ability to deliver video clips and images from events, and also to occasionally produce its own streams and videos for brand and gear endorsing etc..

Product knowledge: by using the sponsor offered products, we expect our players to be accustomed to how these operate and perform, this being exceptionally important when they take part in marketing activities, whether it’s attending an event, doing a review or tutorial.


If you are interested in a sponsorship, please send us an application with the below minimum information.

Please bear in mind this application is our first impression of you and your team. Make sure to include significant achievements, relevant social media metrics, detailed answers to the questions, and highlight how you can have a long term partnership with our company.

All the information must convey a sense of professionalism!